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April 07, 2003

This is the contempt and hatred Israeli doctors and scientists face

I found this piece at goldwater.mideastreality and it is a good example of how an anti-Israeli bias can trascende professionalism
Beleaguered Israeli doctors now have to fend off mindless attacks from their scientific colleagues, particularly in Europe.

It's bad enough that Israeli doctors are spending their lives in emergency rooms treating Jewish and Arab victims of suicide bombers.

What really makes them heartsick these days, however, is that they also have to fend off mindless attacks from their scientific colleagues, particularly in Europe. That was the most gut-wrenching impression I returned with after a recent trip to Israel along with 70 other senior physicians from across America. We had gone to bolster the spirits of our Israeli colleagues, exhausted and bewildered from two years of the relentless experience of treating victims of terror. We arrived at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem less than 24 hours after a particularly horrific bus bombing in Jerusalem.

Hours earlier, teams of Jewish-Arab doctors had done what they've done for the past two years: jumped into action to save the lives of the critically injured.

On Israeli television the night before, the father of the homicidal bomber bragged that he was proud of his son who had attacked a busload of schoolchildren and senior citizens.

On the day we arrived, that same father suffered chest pains and was brought to Hadassah. He was seen by the same doctors who were still treating the victims of his son's madness.

The humanitarian approach to medicine of our colleagues in Israel stands in stark contrast to actions recently taken by our European colleagues.

In Britain and Norway, countries we Americans generally feel are kindred to our way of life, university professors and scientific researchers have recently refused to share research information with Israel's academics and physicians because they oppose Israel's policy toward the Palestinians.

The head of Hadassah's gene therapy institute, Dr. Eitan Galun, an Israeli Jew, has been engaged in research to cure a blood disease prevalent in the Palestinian community. He recently requested assistance from a Norwegian scientist and was refused. "Due to the present situation in the Middle East, I will not deliver any material to an Israeli university," she responded by e-mail.

By her actions, which confuse science with politics, the Palestinian population will needlessly continue to suffer from a disease that could be cured through scientific cooperation [more]