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April 08, 2003

Tell President Bush NO to the Road Map to Disaster

The arabs learned from the USA a long time ago that they can attack, lose, and still win.

No matter what they say or do America and the rest of the world will give them billions of dollars and force a democracy like Israel to make concessions to them.

Every war the arabs started and lost to Israel Israel was forced to concede by their Western allies. So to the arabs they won and to the Israelis their fight and dead were in vain.

The mere concept of a 22nd arab terrorist run state created by western powers within Israel's terrritorial borders is an affront to civilization.

The fact that this is being proferred by the western world to the most senior international successfull terrorists groups on absolutely no grounds except to reward the wholesale slaughter of Jews and Westerners over the past 35 years is a disgrace.

The concept of a 22nd arab terrorist state created within Israel by America makes me sick to my stomach as an American and as a relative of one of the September 11th victims.

Remember, after Gulf war I Oslo was started by Clinton as payment to the arabs for their support, my guess is Oslo II is around the corner, payment in Jews' blood once again for the arabs support.

America treats Israel as a pawn, one it can throw time and time again to the wolves as a meager attempt to keep them at bay for a while.

Israelis, Americans, and all people of good will must not allow the same horrific mistake to take place in our time.

Say NO to the Gang of Four's "Road Map" to disaster.

Do NOT wait for Israel to stand up for herself, stand up for her NOW and say NO to the "Road Map."

Tell president Bush we do NOT support his "Road Map" to disaster, we say NO to the creation of a 22nd arab terrorist run state within the borders of Israel.

Let us not resign ourselves to what many are calling the inevitable, in its stead let us assign ourselves to the goal of making sure it does not happen.

President Bush this is one road I will NOT go down with you.