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April 27, 2003

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This week’s posts at IsraPundit (April 20-April 26)

1. Selected original articles and links (feel free to reproduce any of these articles, but we do appreciate it if you inform us if you do):

The Release of the Road Map

The View from There (Arab media)

A Palestinian state is Not on the Road Map

“Great talent, no wisdom”

Appeasement: Deja vu

Religion of Peace

2. News items concerning -

Terrorist attacks and security measures in Israel and Yesha; the Iraq war and its aftermath; the Abu Mazen-Arafat tiff; the Arab boycott against Israel; Rachel Corrie; The Galloway affair; the Roadmap; Islamist fundamentalism; Syria-US relations.

3. Commentary, citation, and reference to articles by -

Bernard Lewis, Thomas Friedman, Debka file, Amir Taheri, Barry Shaw, Palestine Media Watch - PMW, Jeff Jacoby, Gerald A. Honigman , Martin Peretz, Barry Rubin, Randy Shapiro, Newt Gingrich, Martin Kramer, Uri Dan, James Bennet, Victor Davis Hanson; also, citation and reference to articles from Front Page Magazine, Times, MEMRI, BBC, Asia Times, Arab News.

4. Announcements -

Israeli products in North America; Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit, Brandeis Appointment of Chair in Israel Studies; Celebration of Israel’s 55th anniversary.

5. Other -

Commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.