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April 01, 2003

Taking Israel's medicine

Israelinsider discusses parallel experiences between Israel/Palestinian situation and America/Iraqui war
During the first week of Allied military action in Iraq, attempts have abounded to draw parallels between the war and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel's assumed stockpile of non-conventional weapons and that of Saddam Hussein, or what is seen as Israel's rejection of UN resolutions and Baghdad's snubbing of the international community.

Several articles have already rebuffed the above linkages, though few thus far have focused on an increasing number of very different emerging parallels between the U.S. war against Saddam Hussein's regime and Israel's battle against the terror-tainted Palestinian Authority.

On Saturday, four U.S. soldiers were killed by an Arab homicide bomber, a tactic often utilized against IDF forces both inside "Israel proper" and in the PLO-controlled territories.

Also alike is the official endorsement of such attacks by the Iraqi and Palestinian regimes as legitimate weapons against a qualitatively superior foe.

Allied forces have also witnessed enemy combatants using human shields during their attacks, hiding themselves and their weapons in civilian areas, dressing in civilian clothing, slaughtering innocent civilians seen to be "collaborating" with the enemy, and murdering POWs.

All of the above have been the norm for Israeli soldiers attempting to eliminate the threat of Palestinian terror to Israel's Jewish population.

But the parallels do not end there.[more]