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April 15, 2003

Syria's days are numbered

Oubai Mohammad Shahbandar in an article in FrontPageMag entitled "Time to get serious about Syria", puts it very plainly,
[...] A liberated Iraq, much like South Vietnam in its time, cannot possibly ensure its territorial integrity while attempting significant political and social reform with Syria and Iran waiting by the wayside to exploit and propagate instability in the newly freed Arab state.

[...] But it is Syria's longstanding occupation of Lebanon and its logistical and political support for the world's second most dangerous terror group Hizbullah that is perhaps the most compelling of all reasons to put an end to the Assad dynasty's reign over the Syrian people. It is under Assad's watch and through Iranian cash that Hizbullah maintains its massive stock of weaponry and influencial political presence in Lebanon's Bekaa valley (a venerable free haven for terrorists-in-training, including numerous Al-Qaeda operatives). Because of this patronage, Hizbullah maintains a highly trained, well-equipped, and willing cadre of Islamist fighters who have recently become even more emboldened in their launching of cross-border raids into Israel. MORE
Need I say more.