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April 07, 2003

Suicide attacks on US-led troops in Iraq permitted: Sunni leader

This piece on suicide killings as an Islamic duty appears at a number of sites and of course the tapes played many times on the "objective" news service Al Jazeera, seemingingly in order to make sure that this quaint message gets through to its audience. Found at SpaceWar via American Kaiser
CAIRO (AFP) Apr 05, 2003Suicide attacks on the US-led coalition in Iraq are "permitted under (Islamic) religious law," the sheikh of Al-Azhar, the highest Sunni Muslim spiritual authority, Mohammed Sayed Tantawi, said here Saturday. "Martyr operations against the invading forces are permitted under religious law," he said, quoted by the official MENA news agency.

Tantawi described the invasion of Iraq to oust the regime of Saddam Hussein as "an unjust ggression". "Whoever attacks others, spilling blood, harming the other's honour and land is a terrorist," he added, referring to the US-led coalition. Tantawi, however, said the US-led war was not a crusade against Islam since many Christian nations and religious leaders, including Pope John Paul II, have opposed it.[more]