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April 05, 2003

Solo voices in the Arab chorus

Al-Jazeera's Approach Choice of Many Arab-Americans

For Arab-Americans in the U.S. and elsewhere, the news of choice, as indicated in the many links to this piece and in the summary
Akamai Technologies Inc., a U.S. Web content delivery firm, has scrapped a contract to provide services for Arabic news network al-Jazeera's Internet site, according to a published report Friday. (2) Jazeera, which has been criticized by the United States and Britain for its allegedly pro-Iraq war coverage, said on Thursday Iraq had ordered one of its reporters to leave the country and told another to stop working. (4) Perched atop a hillside road, the Khourys' red brick house in a New York suburb blends into a neighborhood that's picture-perfect Americana: green lawns, kids playing baseball and Old Glory fluttering in the wind. (7) In spite of being mostly knocked offline after a hack attack, the Web site of Arab satellite news network Al-Jazeera was among the most sought-after on the Internet last week. (3) The Web portal Lycos reported that "Al-Jazeera" and variant spellings became its top search term last week, with three times more searches than " sex. (3) The war in Iraq has piqued international interest in the site, which el-Nawawy says saw four times the expected amount of web traffic following its March 24 launch. (6) American news networks have broadcast pictures of dead Iraqi soldiers, creating what el-Nawawy sees as a double standard. (6) [click here for links]