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April 18, 2003

Sects, lies, and videotape

Wonderful interview in Jewsweek with film "Guerilla filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney. He is not Jewish, but from his hilarious documentary expose of anti-Semitism you'd think he was a card-carrying member of the tribe."
[...] What kind of response have you gotten to your anti-Semitism video, and how has it been similar or different to that which you received from your other videos?
I received less hate mail about the anti-Semitism video than either of my previous two. I'm not really sure why that is; I would have expected more.

The audience may be self-selecting; the readers of my site are familiar with my position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, which are outlined in the article " A Durable Peace? Not with Arafat!"

Plus, the people who might have disagreed with the message in this video have probably already become fed up with me after watching the previous two videos.

What makes you so pro-Israel?
I'm appalled by the tactics being used against Israeli civilians.

You've seen how anti-Semitism breeds in these quarters -- what do you think can be done to stop it?
I'm hopeful that exposing it will lead to its eventual decline. But for that to work, there needs to be a large enough platform. People need to see what's really going on. If the message is propagated only by talk radio, cable news and the Internet, we may only be talking to ourselves. [more]