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April 15, 2003

Saudi state run bigotry

Here is today's dose of Saudi state run bigotry, as propagated by Arab News. Now they are ripping off Martin Luther King Jr.
Nazi News - Yet Wolfowitz and Perle are “good boys” protecting their Jewish motherland Israel. I wish there was a more honorable explanation for it. Their plan, which has been talked about in journals, discussed by think tanks and intellectuals and been called a conspiracy theory, is no longer merely a theory.

The biggest problem with the “campaign” pursued by the American administration is that it lacks the moral values, which are the core of the American constitution. “All men are created equal” is the basis of the Bill of Rights, but that concept of equality does not apply in America’s foreign policy any more.
I just love it when these xenophobic misogynistic bigots start interpreting the U.S. constitution. And they call us arrogant. Remember, in Saudi Arabia, when you go through customs, they rifle through all of your belongings in the vital search for non-Muslim materials, such as bibles and crosses and the like. They take what ever they find, and confiscate the materials upon entry. Now what was it they were saying about equality?
A case in point is Americas complete refusal to address the horrific track record of Ariel Sharon and the gangsters that rule Israel. They have taken advantage of America’s campaign in Iraq to murder dozens of innocent Palestinians, destroy their property and expand its settlements on a daily basis. So long as America refuses to accept that the Israeli-Arab conflict is the root cause of all problems in the Middle East, the solutions it proposes will be short-lived and incomplete.

I used to have a dream that the political values of America would be the salvation for the third world countries. But something odd has happened.

The US constitution now has an editor in John Ashcroft. Foreign policy has been taken over by madmen like Wolfowitz, Perle and the like. What America needs to do is to re-examine its priorities, regain its moral code and find its political and social equilibrium. Till that happens, the “dream” is a living nightmare that must come to an end.
I can only read that last sentence as a threat.

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