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April 01, 2003

Saddam's prism of reality

"After the defeat of Iraq, the Muslim dream of the total destruction, annihilation, of Israel and the West will continue, but it will remain only a dream," says the author of this piece in Jewsweek
[...] Along with the Iraqi ruler, the Muslim and Arab worlds view this war, the one the U.S. has dubbed "Iraqi Freedom," not as a series of military maneuvers. For them, that's practically inconsequential. For them, this war is a great clash of cultures. They pray for the destruction of Israel and the United States, their West.

If you doubt this just pick up any Arabic newspaper from Egypt to Indonesia.

For Muslims, this war epitomizes the conflict that they have with Israel and the West. The Muslim world yearns for a revolution and an ousting of Western tradition and values. They want to destroy the equality they do not approve of. They want to destroy the licentiousness they see in Western civilizations.

They want to re-impose a Caliphate Muslim religious rule and leadership and to bring about the universal resurrection of the Sha'ariya, of Muslim law. Muslims societies want to crush Zionists and Westerners, i.e. Christians, even including Syrian and Iraqi Baathists. The Baathists know this and that is why they attempted to join the Islamic fold by adding the Islamic credo "Ala Akhbar" "God is great" to their own flag in the aftermath of the first Gulf War in 1991.

Israel and the West, in stark contrast to Islamic countries, are built on values that at their core embrace respect for one another and for difference, a value system that teaches open mindedness as a virtue. Israel and the West believe in stimulating creativity and individual and political independence. [more]