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April 30, 2003

The Road Map: It's all bullshit. (Ted Belman)

Everyone is trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Bush has descended from his lofty perch, when, on June 24, 2002, he said
I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders, leaders not compromised by terror. I call upon them to build a practising democracy, based on tolerance and liberty

[...] Today, Palestinian authorities are encouraging, not opposing, terrorism. This is unacceptable. And the United States will not support the establishment of a Palestinian state until its leaders engage in a sustained fight against the terrorists and dismantle their infrastructure.
to the depths of Hell, in releasing the Road Map, no matter what. No pre-condition upheld, no assurance adhered to and no “red line” inviolable.

At first, we were told the new leaders must be “not compromised by terror”. So what if Abu Mazem financed the Olympic massacre or that he was Arafat’s partner in terror and thuggery for 40 years. So what if he advocated recently killing Israelis beyond the green line. No matter.

Then we were told that he had to have full power as Prime Minister. So what if he wasn’t free to pick his own cabinet. So what if Arafat retained the right to approve or disapprove who was to be in the cabinet. So what if Arafat put in his own people. No matter.

Then we were told that Dahlan had to be the Minister of Security. So what if he himself ordered the blowing up of a bus full of children and was otherwise tainted by terror. No matter. So what if Arafat, on the eve of elections, created a “national security council” to retain control of the Palestinian terror machinery. No matter.

Then we were told that Arafat was not a partner for peace and that Abu Mazem was a moderate and pragmatic and someone we could negotiate peace with. So what if Arafat named his appointee Erekat, leader of peace negotiations.

At least Abu Mazem was elected Prime Minister. So what if he deferred to Arafat in all things and said ,according to Debka
In his bid for endorsement, Palestinian premier repeatedly deferred to Arafat as elected Palestinian leader, made no promise to fight terror, only repeated Arafat's standard formula rejecting terrorism "whatever the source". He said Middle East road map must begin with halt on Israeli settlement.
The sine qua non of the Road Map was that the new Government would tackle terror head on, enforce security and collect weapons. Never mind that Mazen has no intention of doing so and simply wants to negotiate a cease-fire with Hamas and the others. Never mind that they have said that terror will go on as long as there is an occupation. Never mind that Mazen has now said that settlement activity must stop first whereas terror was supposed to stop before there was an end to settlement activity. No matter.

At least with America having defeated Hussein and making demands on the Palestinians to do what they were supposed to do, we could expect results. Never mind that Arafat kept thumbing his nose at them. That he was unconcerned with their “pressure”, that he called for the death of Americans in Iraq, and an end to the American occupation. Never mind that a year ago during an American initiative, Arafat send a message to them by setting off a bomb in Hebrew University which was attended by many Americans. Ot that now, when the Road Map is to be released, sends another message by setting off another bomb in Mike’s Place just beside the US Embassy. No matter, America can take it, Israel can take it.

At least America would make certain that no one visited Arafat in Ramallah. So what if it didn’t succeed and all kinds of world leaders are beating a path to his door, notwithstanding. No matter.

IT’S THE PROCESS, STUPID. Where have we heard that before.

At least America was continuing in it's war on terror. Never mind, at the core of the Road Map, is that if the Palestinians would only stop terror, pardon me, would make an effort to stop terror, then Israel would end settlement activity and the Pals would get a state. No matter that this is in essence rewarding terrorism and sends a clear message that terrorism pays. Big time. No matter.

What boggles the mind is that no one believes the Road Map will fare any better than all the other failed attempts, yet Bush is putting an enormous amount of political capital into this latest attempt. You would think that America wouldn't start a process that had so little chance of success.

The Road Map ignores the most important element. The Palestinians want to destroy Israel. No matter.