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April 29, 2003

The "Road" is a Dead End

Duplicitous Arafat still running the show

Very recent headlines from Debka:
By majority of 52 to 18 with 18 abstentions, Palestinian Legislative Council meeting in Ramallah endorsed Abu Mazen’s cabinet. United States has pledged to unveil Middle East peace plan when Palestinians install reform government under Abu Mazen.

In his bid for endorsement, Palestinian premier repeatedly deferred to Arafat as elected Palestinian leader, made no promise to fight terror, only repeated Arafat's standard formula rejecting terrorism "whatever the source". He said Middle East road map must begin with halt on Israeli settlement.

Arafat, who spoke as Middle East leader, demanded an end to US “occupation” of Iraq, called on “Shurfa” and “free men” to rise up against Americans in Iraq. (USAID official Laurence Foley was assassinated last October in Amman by “Shurfa” after his appointment by President Bush to oversee reconstruction of reformed Palestinian Authority.)

Arafat nobbled would-be reform government hours before its confirmation. He created “national security council” to retain control of Palestinian terror machinery, named his appointee Erekat leader of peace negotiations.

Also revealed: Arafat’s personal envoy to Saddam Hussein, Azzam al-Ahmad planted in cabinet as transport and advanced technology minister.