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April 13, 2003

RoachMap: Why does the US want to create another Arab state hostile to itself?

With its hand out for the US taxpayer's money, the PLO issued the following statement, as reported by the Palestine Media Center, April 12,/2003:

PLO Calls for Immediate End to Occupation of Iraq

The executive committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) called on Thursday for “an immediate end to the war in Iraq and its occupation” ...
The PLO deems it “necessary to put an end to this war immediately, to end the suffering of the Iraqi people as soon as possible, and to enable them to exercise their self-determination by themselves, to decide their future and to end the occupation of their land,” a statement released after the meeting said.
Moreover, the PLO expressed the Palestinian people’s total support to the Iraqi people and their national options.
Appease the terrorists and you'll have another 9-11.