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April 20, 2003

Rewarding Terrorists

In the past, I have made several references to ZOA’s scoreboard, in which the ZOA monitors on a weekly basis how the PA disregards Bush’s preconditions for a “Palestinian” state. Also, as I have pointed out repeatedly, Bush/Blair are granting the PA a sovereign state regardless of this non-compliance, thus rewarding terrorists.

The latest ZOA report (for week 42, April 8-14) is available at the ZOA site, under the heading, “Are the Palestinian Arabs Fulfilling President Bush's Conditions for Statehood?”

While many of details of the non-compliance are published in the press, the unique feature of the ZOA weekly survey is the comprehensive, systematic nature of the articles.

The ZOA site has many other relevant articles and the site is clearly at the avant guard of the struggle to derail the RoachMap.

Another relevant article at the ZOA site is entitled, Bush's "Road Map" Plan Will Lead to the Creation of a Palestinian Arab Terrorist State”.

In case you missed it, the ZOA site is a must.