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April 15, 2003

Response to a reader ( "barney gumble") re boycotting the French

On April 12, I posted a short piece concerning the boycott against French products. The piece cited Newsmax and CNSNews. In response, reader "barney gumble" (or is it "grumble" with a typo?) commented:
Newsmax and CNS, there's reliable. Let me guess, Foxnews and Limbough agree?
barney gumble
Well, it just so happens that AP - an anti-American and anti-Israeli outfit that is certainly "reliable" - printed a similar article today (April 14, 2003), just two days behind NewsMax and CNSNews. Here is part of the piece (for a total gloating experience, read the full article):
PARIS - One way to gauge how Americans are thinking about France after the split over the war in Iraq is to ask a cheese exporter like Marc Refabert.

The Frenchman has been inundated by more than 2,000 e-mails from American customers, ranging in tone from apologetic to impolite, but all carrying the message put succinctly by a man from Illinois: "We no longer buy French products."
An anti-France reaction that started with "freedom fries" has taken on sprawling dimensions: Some U.S. lawmakers are urging American companies to skip the Paris Air Show. A U.S.-based Web site took advertising space in The New York Times urging consumers not to fly Air France, eat Yoplait yogurt or buy a long list of other French goods.
And that's why I like readers' comments so much - it gets the research to go even further.