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April 10, 2003

Resist. Resist. Resist.

A call to Israel and the United States regarding the Road Map

Stan Goodenough & Jan Willem van der Hoeven wrote the following editorial for Jerusalem Newswire, a Christian sponsored news site. Jerusalem - April 10, 2003
As horrendous a toll as the Oslo Process has taken on Israel's people and nationhood, an even greater danger lies ahead should its leaders agree to accept the Quartet's "Road Map for implementation of a permanent solution for two states in the Israel-Palestinian Dispute."

Israel, beware! Instead of charting a path to peace, the Road Map leads to a death trap that will spell the destruction of your state. Just your agreement to the implementation of this "two-state solution" could only lead to a further, unbearable loss of Jewish life.

The Road Map is the perpetuation of the Oslo Process under a different name, and we urge you not to talk about it, not to wrangle over it, but to resist it with all your might.[Don't miss the rest.]
It is a great editorial marred only by the line above quoted "The Road Map is the Perpetuation of the Oslo Process under a different name.".

I beg to differ. The Road Map is far worse than the Oslo Process. In the Oslo Process, Israel remained in charge. In the Road Map, Israel is forced to accept the Quartet as in charge. Also the Road map greatly enlarges on what the Palestinians are to receive, all of which are at Israel's expense and Israel receives nothing to improve on their position in Oslo. Nothing short of a disaster as this editorial points out.