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April 15, 2003

Rachel Corrie's Post Mortem

The NGO Monitor is a joint project of B'NAI B'RITH INTERNATIONAL and THE INSTITUTE FOR CONTEMPORARY AFFAIRS. It reports as follows.
[...] First, it has been determined the "eyewitness report" that the world received following the death of Corrie was fictional.

The IDF performed a complete and exhaustive investigation of the death and discovered the following:
1) Corrie was not sitting in front of the bulldozer, but was obstructed from it by a mound of earth;

2) She died not from being hit by the bulldozer - apparently there was no contact between her and the
machine - but rather was hit by heavy building debris that the vehicle was moving;

3) the bulldozer was not demolishing homes at all, but was flattening out an area frequently used as a staging ground for terrorism and arms smuggling, in order to increase Israel's ability to maintain security
control of the area.
Judy Lash Balint of the Jerusalem Diaries prepared an informative article documenting the discrepancies in the account. More