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April 07, 2003


ThisSky News report also has a video available for downloading. Iraqui led the military to this site.
A possible weapons of mass destruction storage site has been found near Baghdad, according to a US military official.

There are unconfirmed reports there could be Sarin - a chemical agent that causes death by suffocation -at the site south of the central Iraqi town of Hindiyah, a US military officer said. "Our detectors have indicated something," said Major Ros Coffman, public affairs officer with the US 3rd Infantry.

"We're talking about finding a site of possible WMD storage. This is an initial report, but it could be a smoking gun.

"It is not as if there is a cloud of gas hanging everywhere endangering soldiers lives. We're talking about a facility," Coffman added.

The report follows a find of a thousands of boxes containing viles of suspicious white powder and liquid on Friday at a site south of Baghdad. However, a US officer said on Saturday that initial tests suggested both substances were not chemical weapons.

Over the weekend US Marines began digging up a site where chemical weapons are suspected of being hidden at a girl's school in the town of Aziziyah.[more]