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April 26, 2003

Pick Your Illusion

That is Martin Sherman's kind offer in Saturday's JPOST

"The image of a new false prophet is rising above the wreckage of shattered hopes and abandoned dreams that litter the desolate political landscape of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This latest illusion comes in shape of Abu Mazen.

For the fanatical adherents of peace (or rather, of withdrawal), the newly elected Palestinian PM is the last gleam of hope for resuscitating the embers of their Oslowian vision (or rather, fantasy).

However, the chances of this seductive apparition providing the yearned for tranquility are slim. There are sound reasons for this starkly pessimistic prognosis. For there are only two alternatives regarding the nature of any prospective solution for the violent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians: Either (a) the solution is person-specific, with its success depending on the character of the incumbent Palestinian leader; or (b) it is not person-specific, with it success depending on more profound processes in Palestinian society, its nature and its structure."

It is for the fine analysis of these two alternatives that you should turn now to the Jerusalem Post, even if you are convinced you heard enough of the funny Map for a while.