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April 10, 2003

Palestinians stunned by Saddam's fall

Somehow or other I cannot summon up sorrow for the letdown
[...]Palestinians, who had been among the Iraqi leader's most strident supporters, watched their television sets in stunned silence as stations showed liberated Iraqis rejoicing alongside U.S. troops in Baghdad's central square.

It was hardly the clash they had expected would send the Americans retreating back home in defeat, thus redeeming long-suffering Arab pride. Instead, they saw the statue of their hero toppled by fellow Arabs.

"This is a sad day for all the Arabs and Muslims, particularly the Palestinians," Nael al-Am, a Ramallah grocer who keeps a poster of Saddam Hussein in his shop, told the Jerusalem Post.

"I invested a lot of money in buying a satellite dish and a new TV set because I wanted to watch the day the battle for Baghdad begins. I was sure this was going to be one of the great battles of the century, where an Arab army would inflict heavy losses on the invading crusaders. I feel as if a dagger has been stuck in my heart when I see American soldiers strolling in the heart of Baghdad."[more]