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April 14, 2003

Palestinian incitement against the Americans this time

Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin
April 14, 2003

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PA Daily:
Asian American Marines are Mongols
By Itamar Marcus

PMW has reported in the past on Palestinian racism. [See PMW Bulletin June 23, 2002 - the official Palestinian Authority daily attacked Condoleezza Rice in general, and used her race as the vehicle to launch what were intended as personal insults, calling her “Colored”, “Dark” and “the Black Lady".]
Now the editor of the PA daily has ridiculed the race of the US Marine who climbed the statue of Saddam Hussein, calling him, because of his Asian appearance, a Mongol coming to finish the Mongol invasion of Genghis Khan 700 years ago.

The following are excerpts from the text:
“Have you noticed the face of the Marine who climbed Saddam’s statue to hang him with a rope pulled by a tank? Concentrate very closely: He has slanted eyes, a flat nose, smooth and hairless chin, thin lips. His face is round and his cheekbones protrude. He is not a Western American. He is of Chinese origin, or Japanese. He has a connection to Mongol origins. This Mongol arrived almost seven hundred years after the Mongol invasion of Baghdad to finish Holako’s plan [Tatar who invaded Baghdad in 13 th Cent]. He has the same idea as Genghis Khan… The main target of the Mongols was Mecca in order to exterminate the Islamic religion….”

Hafez Barghouthi, Editor-in-Chief of the official PA daily.
[Al-Hayat Al-Jadida April 10, 2003]