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April 03, 2003

Pakistani blames "agents of Jews" for country's negative image

Another example of just plain stupidity, this article about Pakistanis The Internet Jerusalem Post
A senior minister in the Pakistani government blasted US sanctions imposed on the country's main nuclear research facility, saying that "agents of Jews" were behind Pakistan's negative image, the Pakistan Tribune reported.

At a press conference held in Peshawar, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Pakistan's Minister of Information, denounced the US move against the Kahuta Research Laboratories, which reportedly supplied nuclear technology to North Korea.

"We have flatly rejected the US sanctions on Kahuta Research Laboratories," he said, adding that the sanctions would have no impact because the lab does not engage in trade with any US-based firms.

Ahmed also asserted that "agents of Jews" were behind media speculation that Pakistan might be America's next target after Iraq in the global war on terror. "Pakistan is invincible," he said.