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April 12, 2003

The PA has a complaint

Tonecluster's blog has this piece(and comments) taken from The Jerusalem Post.
The PA has a complaint. Quick, someone get me a chair, I'm going to fall over..... The Palestinian Authority issued a statement condemning the bombing of the Palestinian embassy in Baghdad on Monday, declaring, "The US aggression on the embassy was premeditated, direct targeting the Palestinian Embassy which is located in the diplomatic neighborhood in the Iraqi capital."

The statement, issued by the Palestinian Media Center, quoted a PA official calling the incident "a flagrant violation of all diplomatic norms and laws which endow foreign embassies with immunity and consider them outside the theater of military operations." According to the statement, the embassy was hit by air-to-surface missiles on Monday afternoon,which severely damaged the roof and destroyed the contents of the building.

Any bets that someone in there was firing at our troops? After all, they're extremely upset over in Gaza and the West Bank that their hero Saddam folded so quickly and didn't deliver the mighty defeat to the "crusaders" he'd promised. Maybe one of them over in Baghdad snapped and took matters into his own hands. Or, more likely, some of the Hamas or al-Aqsa thugs volunteers were using Unca' Arafat's Baghdad Office as a platform for sniping at our tanks.