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April 08, 2003

Our greatest ally in historical perspectives

To the Editor:

Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair places Israel's self-defense efforts on an equal footing with the Saddam Reign of Terror that has controlled Iraq for decades.

While Blair may be facing political problems due to his support of Iraq War II, the British stance in favor of appeasing the Arabs at Jewish expense is long-documented. Blair's position is not new!

The British created Jordan from the League of Nations' Mandate for the creationof a Homeland for the Jews.

The British allowed Arabs to migrate to Palestine but prevented Jews from doing so thus bringing certain death to the Jews at the hand of Hitler.

Though the Jews of Palestine fought alongside the Allies during World War II, that fact did not deter the British from favoring the Arabs who fought alongside the Nazis.

Blair's approach is old and has only transitional relationship to his political problems at home. Blair's stance is only the current version of Britain's continuous Arab appeasement.

Hopefully, President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon will not cooperate with Britain's and Blair's current efforts to appease the Arabs at our expense.

Howard M. Green,
Ma'ale Adumim

This pertinent letter, sent to an unspecified publication, is the subject of a recent circular letter Naomi Ragen sends to the membership of her list.