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April 07, 2003

"The Origin of the Conflict in the Middle East"

Bernice Lipkin writes a damning expose of this book which she entitles A FRAUDULENT HISTORY OF PALESTINE
There is a history of Palestine that is extraodinarily popular on a large number of Arab and pro-Arab websites. Called The Origin of The Conflict in the Middle East (OCME), the book is Middle Eastern history as the Arabs would like it to have been. It is 37 pages long and is now in its third edition. It can be obtained in hardcopy from only one source, a post office box in Berkeley. Or it can be downloaded from many websites. It is published by a group calling itself Jews for Justice in the Middle East (JFJME). Its authors are unlisted.

This is an examination of this history text disseminated on many Arab websites and some neutral sites that provide historical documents on the Middle East. It is said to have been produced by a group of Jewish scholars, an anonymous group that calls itself Jews for Justice in the Middle East. We think it's a fraud. MORE