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April 20, 2003

No Peace with Hate

With all of the talk about incitement, and how the Palestinian Authority is doing nothing to stop it, I thought this report by Itamar Marcus and Palestinian Media Watch is telling--especially when our experts decry any instances of incitement as Zionst propoganda.
PMW has reported extensively on Palestinian education to hatred. One of the potent means used by the Palestinians to indoctrinate children to hate Israelis is the repeated broadcasting on Palestinian TV of Hate-filled Music Videos depicting Israelis as murderers, especially of children and the elderly.

One of the new Palestinian Music Videos which has been broadcast regularly since January 2003 includes the following scenes, acted out by Palestinian actors:

1. It opens with a laughing girl on a swing, which turns into a burning swing and burning child's rocking horse. The implication is that Israelis attack children at play, leaving behind burning swings and burning rocking horses.
2. A father reads his young son a section from the Koran calling to fight the enemies.
3. The father hands his young son a stone to throw at Israelis.
4. A bomb is hidden [by Israel] inside a soccer ball and blows up when a child kicks it.
5. Actors depict Israeli soldiers murdering an elderly man by shooting him in the head.
6. A mother and her infant are blown up by Israeli soldiers.

[Click here to view video]

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Until the Palestinian Authority stops to educate its youth to hate Israelis there will be no peace. No matter how many settlements are evacuated or argreements are signed.