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April 08, 2003

More Jewish Conspiracy

I believe it was John Derbyshire writing in National Review Online a while ago who said that the US shouldn't send peacekeepers to the Middle East, rather psychiatrists

One of the Kurds’ leaders is Jewish? So they claim in Turkish newspapers

A Feb. 17 article in the respected daily newspaper Hurriyet offered an interesting take on the situation: Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party, one of two political factions that control the autonomous Kurdish area of northern Iraq, is Jewish and comes from a long line of Kurdish rabbis, the article claimed...

A series of articles and columns in the Haber Turk newspaper, printed after the Hurriyet story ran, took things even further.

“Brothers, we should quit the stories of Mosul and Kirkuk belonging to us,” said one column, referring to two oil-rich northern Iraqi cities that some Turks believe were unfairly taken from Turkey when the Ottoman Empire was divided up after World War I. “The real owners have started to come out. I am sure you understand who they are.

“Turkey, don’t be asleep!” the column warned.