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April 19, 2003

More Corrie

In Context links to the NGO Monitor's report on Rachel Corrie's death:
The IDF has completed an exhaustive investigation of the death of Rachel Corrie, and as the findings hardly matched the original "eyewitness reports" of fellow ISM protestors, NGO Monitor thought it would be beneficial to provide a brief follow up. As one may recall, Rachel Corrie, a 23 year old American woman, was serving as an international peace protestor/human shield with the Palestinian International Solidarity Movement when she was allegedly killed by being run over by an IDF bulldozer.

First, it has been determined the "eyewitness report" that the world received following the death of Corrie was fictional. The IDF performed a complete and exhaustive investigation of the death and discovered the following: 1) Corrie was not sitting in front of the bulldozer, but was obstructed from it by a mound of earth; 2) She died not from being hit by the bulldozer - apparently there was no contact between her and the machine - but rather was hit by heavy building debris that the vehicle was moving; 3) the bulldozer was not demolishing homes at all, but was flattening out an area frequently used as a staging ground for terrorism and arms smuggling, in order to increase Israel's ability to maintain security control of the area. Judy Lash Balint of the Jerusalem Diaries prepared informative article documenting the discrepancies in the account.

Rachel Corrie, like so many other self-proclaimed peace activists and human shields, had a very strong ideological "agenda" of hostility and anger. Myles Kantor, a columnist for and Director of the Center for Free Emigration, a human rights organization dedicated to the abolition of state enslavement, also provided an enlightening assessment of the situation. He summed up Corrie's anti-American upbringing, including her attendance at the leftist Evergreen college complete with a main area called Red Square. He also noted that the ISM's online photo album includes a member shaking hands with Yasser Arafat, and members leading protests in the Middle East with signs such as "America, Stop Supporting Apartheid" and "Ethnic Cleansing in Progress."

Israel has continually confronted ISM members over their cooperation with terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Kantor emphasized the bias and hypocrisy of this community, noting that while various NGO's condemned the death of Corrie and called for an investigation in spite of her controversial, flag burning ways, that murder of 24 year old Hebrew University student Marla Bennett, also an American, at the hands of a Hamas terrorist , went almost unnoticed among the same people.
Some of the IDF's conclsions correspond to those intitially reached by a number of bloggers (remember that the photos the ISM published on their website were intentionally misleading). However, that hasn't stopped the ISM from continuing to capitalize on her death - todays Harford Courant contains a longwinded, formulaic whine (scroll to the end) from someone claiming to represent the "Middle East Crisis Committe." He calls the IDF investigation a "farce," but his arguments are the same old ISM rhetoric. I urge all of Israpundit's Connecticut readers to contact the Courant and help set the matter straight.