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April 08, 2003

The Middle East Reality Map

Yesha is within Israel's territorial boundaries and has been part of Israel's national integrity for decades and will remain so. I highly doubt that will ever change via non-hostile means.

Now, the question of the arabs within Yesha. They are the most senior, successful, international arab terrorist groups, some most likely in Iraq right now fighting American soldiers. The concept of a state for them, is what is known in geopolitical science terms as part of sticks and carrots, as a carrot, what the US is doing in Iraq is the stick.

Israel must act as an independent sovereign nation in its own self interests if it desires survival.

America will never abandon Israel, it might pressure Israel but Israel is never required to oblige unless it sees fit to. If and when these Arab terrorists are gone from within Yesha one of two options might follow.

Since we know they cannot be integrated into Israel and they will not leave or be absorbed by the 21 Arab countries either a option of an American Indian style reservation or an American style commonwealth will emerge within each part of Yesha (Judea, Samaria, and Gaza) individually.

Both a reservation and a commonwealth are demilitarized sovereign ethnic groups within a larger country.
They are responsible for their own internal civil services but they cannot form an army or militia with external aspirations.

They can call it whatever they like but it won't be a security threat to Israel greater than a "Greek town" in a US city.

Basically, they are internal ethnic neighborhoods responsible for themselves but not citizens of the larger country, Israel, that they are within.

To sum up, they can stay where they are, only as non belligerents, they are ethnically independent within their own neighborhoods and responsible for their own civil service. They cannot have any hopes, aims, or aspirations of a military infrastructure of any kind. Only civil services such as security or police forces with light weapons are allowed. Just like on Indian reservations internal crimes are both violations of the local sovereign nation and the greater federal lands they occupy by right of the greater US government.

This is the "Middle East Reality Map."

Anything more accepted by Israel would be another round of suicide the likes we saw after Oslo which was accepted by Israel post Gulf War I. Remember, when it comes down to it the decision will always be Israel's only they can either accept or reject any plan on their territory.