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April 01, 2003

Meanwhile at the UN...

"In 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a far-sighted document that spoke of universal values and limiting state sovereignty by legitimate international interest in the protection of human rights.

Just a half a century later, the UN's primary human rights body, the Commission on Human Rights, now meeting in Geneva, is a place where the perpetrators of human rights abuse are able to cast themselves as victims, the victims are the enemy, and universal norms are unrecognizable.

Witness the commission's handling over the last few days of the issue of racism. The end game is victimhood, and the reward UN approval and resolutions galore.

So the Organization of Islamic Conference told the commission, "[t]he events of September 11... brought about an increase in the gravity of Muslims' suffering."

The Saudi Arabian representative complained about "exploitation of the events of 11 September." Palestinian spokesperson Nabil Ramlawi described September 11 as a failure to heed Palestinian "warnings" that their demands come first.

... no one but Israeli Ambassador Ya'acov Levy said anything about the outburst of Ramlawi, (whom the Libyan chair calls "His Excellency, the distinguished Ambassador of Palestine"), at the commission on Thursday: "The world condemned the old Nazism in the past... during the Second World War... The world also condemned Zionist Israel for the same criminal crimes it has been perpetrating against the Palestinian people... for over 50 years now, starting... in 1948... [T]he world... has not yet eliminated the New Zionist Nazism.""

Read the rest and imagine what havock could be wreaked by the coalition of this sort of UN and the brand new Palestine in the offing.