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April 01, 2003

The Left has no shame

Even in Israel

Steven Plaut has much to say in an article pblished by FrontPageMag entitled The War in Iraq as Remedial Education
Of the many ways there are to look at the events over the past week in Iraq, I find that one of the most valuable is as a process of instruction and enlightenment. The war in Iraq may be many things, but it is first and foremost a process in education and illumination for the TV audiences of the U.S. and the West.

It firstly proves better than any previous events how clearly the Western Left and the so-called "peace" movement are really little more than a movement of anti-Americanism. In part, the anti-Americanism is related to a growing anti-Semitism in the West. People are willing to support the enemies of the West because they hate the Jews. There exists a broad axis of evil that allies the Western Left with Arab and Islamic fascism. The Left sees nothing inconsistent in its advocacy of lofty principles of progress and liberation while at the same time endorsing Arab terrorism and Middle East fascism.

The entente between leftism and Arab terrorism and fascism of course extends into Israel. Almost the entire Israeli Far Left has conscripted itself in solidarity with and support for Iraq against the United States. Almost all of Haaretz, Israel's main Palestinian Hebrew daily, is devoted to denouncing the U.S.-British led assault on Iraq, with columnist after columnist denouncing the "U.S. WAR For Oil," as if there would be something evil about striking Iraq in order to procure its oil.

Far Left columnist at Haaretz, Gideon Levy, an anti-Zionist extremist, wrote a few days ago that he supports all Iraqi "resistance" against the Western "invaders," evidently including the use of terror and suicide bombings and car bombs. Far Left groups have held protests and rallies, on and off Israeli campuses, to show their support for Iraq and solidarity with Saddam. And Israeli Arabs have been making little secret of their open support for Saddam, with marchers in the Israeli Arab city of Umm al-Fahm taking to the streets and screaming for Saddam to annihilate Tel Aviv. This is an Israeli Arab town that has been part of Israel since 1948, not part of the West Bank. No, Israel did not pulverize the town with artillery. Calling for Saddam to annihilate Tel Aviv is protected free speech in post-survivalist Israel.

Meanwhile, American and Western TV viewers are being led through a crash course in becoming familiar with all of the wonderful features of Arab fascism: its obsessive Orwellism, where aggressors are defenders and defenders are aggressors, where justice is injustice and injustice is justice, where war is peace and peace is war, where freedom fighters are terrorists and terrorists are freedom fighters, and with its total lack of interest in facts and truth. They learn about the treachery of Arab fascism, its use of civilians as human shields, its lies, its brutality, its murders and torture of captives and prisoners, its willingness to engage in ecological terrorism, and the near-universal support for Arab terror and barbarism by the entire Arab world and by most of the Moslem world.

And of course there is the fetish with international legalism which has long been applied to Israel, now by which the US must subordinate its national interests to the cynicism and fatuousness of minor European powers, themselves motivated in many cases by anti-Israel and anti-American sentiments. We see the Western audiences coming to the rude awakening that wars involve injustices and innocent victims and that no war can be fought even under the best of circumstances with surgical purity.

We see the West suddenly learning what Israel has known all along, that Arab fascists do not care about Arab civilians and are perfectly willing to produce the deaths of hundreds of them as a public relations ploy.

And we see the intentional denial of all reality and all truth by Arab fascists who see nothing wrong with mass terrorism and atrocities directed against civilians. We see the ready willingness of the enlightened chatterers of the West in justifying atrocities and mass murders by such people, as long as they claim to have grievances or be victims of "injustice". We see again and again the fetish of the anti-Jewish forces in the West and their insistence on capitalizing on all developments in Iraq through a wholesale assault on Israel's right to exist and to defend its population. And we see how clearly the Arab world has become the world's center of barbarism and savagery.