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April 26, 2003

Kofi Annan to go

Amin Gemayel Tipped as Next U.N. Chief with Rumsfeld's Backing,

Zogby opines
This would be an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. Gemayel, a Maronite Christian Arab, is pro-America, and not a anti-semite, and I urge anyone to tell me the last U.N. Secretary General (UNSG) that fit that description. Also, it would show the Arabs that we're not anti-Arab, and if they reject him on religious grounds, it will expose them for the racist bigots that they are. Another reason for making Gemayel the new UNSG would be that much needed financial reforms could finally be implemented and corruption could be reduced along with the bloated and ineffective bureaucracy. Kofi Annan has been a failure, and he needs to go. Gemayel, it seems to me, would be a perfect choice to replace him. And, Rumsfeld seems to agree.