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April 14, 2003

Jordan's Prince bin-Talal says Arab world status horrifying

Ilam, April 15, IRNA -- Former crown prince of Jordan, Prince Hassan bin-Talal, said in a radio interview on Monday that the Arab world's current status is horrifying for those who care for its
stability and integrity.

Speaking to Radio Free Iraq (RFI), broadcasted from Saudi Arabia and monitored here, bin-Talal added, "(The Us-led) attack against Iraq, and immediately after that, threatening Syria, proves that the Arab world is under severe pressure, and on the verge of a total collapse."

The former Jordanian crown prince and brother of the late monarch, King Hussain, said that the Arabs should not keep hesitating any longer, and need to adopt immediate measures solidly and harmoniously in order to avoid facing further unfavorable conditions."

He added, "the Arab leaders harvest the crops of their planted politics, and with keeping in mind that they have almost always been engaged in internal Arab world conflicts, it is natural that the
outsiders are now interfering in their internal affairs."

Condemning the often repeated US threats against Syria, bin-Talal concluded, "no one really knows the end of the plan that began with military invasion against Iraq."