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April 12, 2003

Jews Feeding Anti-Semitism

A Jewish Anti-Semite is not an oxymoron: anti-Semitism, a term invented in the end of the 19th century to replace the German word for Jew-hater with a more civilized version that took into account the emerging racial theories of the day, is the grouping of Jews together into a class and assigning them a negative moral weight.

Jews can be anti-Semites just like anybody else: Jews can group Jews together, and label them "bad," or look to one Jew and blame him for the problems befalling the rest of the world.

No better example can be shown than an open-letter written to Paul Wolfowitz, and published by Al-Ahram by one Josh Ruebner, co-founder of Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel (JPPI) and a former analyst in Middle East Affairs at the Congressional Research Service (CRS). In and of itself, it is an alarming example of members of the Jewish Left perpetuating anti-Semetic bias.

In the letter, Mr. Ruebner basically tells Wolfowitz that he is no more than a "Court-Jew," and that his involvement has sparked anti-Semitism world-wide in otherwise good-natured folk. In the tone and the message--that Wolfowitz resign--Mr. Ruebner justifies the claim that Jews cannot be full-fledged Americans, and that the actions of one Jew will always be percieved as those of the Jewish people.

This grouping of Jews together, this taking of collective responsibility in front of the eyes of all of Israel's detractors, is dangerous and disgusting. We have to be on the lookout for this racism rising.

A quote from the article:
"Do you see brother how you are misrepresenting us? I wish that we in the Jewish peace movement could have as much access as you do to the mainstream media so that we could shatter the monolithic view of the Jewish community which the "court Jew" by definition is set up to propagate. Of course, we are denied that access by the same power structure which has an interest in making sure that yours is the only "Jewish" voice heard.

I'm really afraid that we are heading for a calamity. If the people are this incensed now my brother, how do you think they will feel when American men and women start returning from the sands of Kuwait in body bags? Who is going to be blamed if, God forbid, we are subjected to another terrorist attack? Do these thoughts keep you awake at night? Are you scared like I am that this imperialistic war in Iraq threatens the existence of the Jewish people?

My brother, I don't blame you for accepting the starring role of "court Jew". It must be a pretty amazing feeling to convince yourself that you have as much power as everybody says that you do. I hope that I never get close enough to the power structure of this crumbling, decrepit empire to get a taste of it.

In my humble opinion, there is only one honourable thing that you can do to undo the shameful damage that you have caused already: resign. For the sake of your own dignity, you must refuse to be exploited as the "court Jew". Step down and deprive the power structure of its "court Jew" and you will expose to the world the actors who really motivate the Bush administration. Please, before it is too late, tell the world that it is not the powerless Jews who are pushing for this war, but the greedy, venal barons of corporate America who stand to profit while cowering behind the myth of the all- powerful Jew."
Until we, as Jews, cannot grasp the concept of a Jew also being an individual, we will never be free of anti-Semitism.