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April 15, 2003

Its the "vision" thing (Ted Belman)

In Perfecting the Unifying Theory, I set out the problem and the hope.
[...] The problem as I see it, is that until such time as the US establishes the New Middle East, Israel has to proceed on trust even to the point of finalizing the Palestinian state in 2 years. Since in my theory, the Road Map is linked to the New Middle East, it should really be a Road Map for Middle East Peace of which the resolution of the Palestinian/Israel conflict is a part. Surely, it is not too much to ask that progress be made on all fronts at the same time.
Although the Road Map makes some reference to what the Arab countries must do, one is left with the impression that these references constitute a wish rather than a demand.

Finally in trying to assuage Israel's fears, Powell and others have said that what counts is the "implementation". What does that mean?

It can mean nothing less then saying that we are agreed on the end, namely, a "two state solution" and the end of terror and the US will ensure that we get there. The US is saying to Israel you are afraid to have a parallel process because you can't trust the Arabs to do their part. Bush is saying "trust us". And what's more, we will deliver on the New Middle East.

Now that Iraq is militarily defeated and the arduous process of quelling terrorism in Iraq and building a new government is started, Bush has already begun to deal with the whole Middle East, and the Arabs know it.

Syria has been given its marching orders sooner than anyone might have thought. Only its logical. To stabilize Iraq, the US must stabilize the region and put an end to the support of terrorism. The administration does not think they will have to invade Syria, just lean on them which they are doing big time. The end result will be that Ebola or should I say Hezbollah, is finished, Lebanon will be freed of Syrian occupation and Syria, Lebanon and Israel will sign peace agreements. This will happen faster than you think.

Frank Gaffney Jr. in an article entitled "Who's Next?" argues,
Few steps would do more to create an opportunity for a real, just and durable Arab-Israeli peace than to accompany the liquidation of Saddam's support for suicide bombers and other forms of terror with the elimination of the Syrian/Lebanese base of operations of and much of the support for Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), which Attorney General John Ashcroft has described as "one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world." The region's transformation -- and its hopes for a more peaceable future -- could be decisively advanced if behavior modification and/or regime change were to follow in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia also has its marching orders, stop supporting terrorism and the doctrines of Wahhabism.

And Israel also has its marching orders, accept Abu Mazem, notwithstanding his background, and never mind the Road Map, despite its faults. Trust us to get you there.

But where is "there"? I am afraid its the Saudi Plan which means the '67 borders, shared Jerusalem, partial right of return and peace with all Arab governments. Essentially we are told we can't have more if we want peace. When Sharon keeps repeating he won't sacrifice Israel's security, he is really trying to cover up for the fact that this is the deal.

On the other hand Arafat and his henchmen don't want to get there either, because it means the end of the conflict, no significant return for the refugees and no destruction of Israel. From where I am sitting, they have a weak hand and will shortly fold. Israel has already folded.