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April 17, 2003

It's a Haleva job: 56-year-old Jerry Haleva has been getting a lot of press lately. The Jewish contract lobbyist has a very interesting side job -- he plays Saddam Hussein on television and in the movies. The California Haleva bears an uncanny resemblance to the mass murderer and has appeared as Hussein in such movies at Hot Shots!, The Big Lebowski, and most recently Live from Baghdad. The media just can't seem to get enough of Haleva, who actually does pro-Israel work with AIPAC in his spare time. Articles about the Jewish Saddam lookalike have cropped up in local Jewish papers as well as Newsweek and the Los Angeles Times. "Being active in the Jewish community, I thought it was humorous that I might double as an Arab dictator," he says. However, it appears the novelty is wearing off a bit and beginning to take its toll. Haleva told Jewsweek last week that he is doing less press and, ever since the onset of war with Iraq, had become weary of the spotlight. After all, he pointed out, is it really a good thing?

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