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April 15, 2003

Israel's Fight is our Fight

Tom Delay
(Majority leader, Tom DeLay's keynote speech at a STAND FOR ISRAEL (Christian) rally in Washington, DC.)
I especially want to thank my good friend CONGRESSMAN TOM LANTOS for being here, and for standing like a rock on behalf of Israel all these years.

As we meet tonight, something extraordinary is happening on the other side of the world. Hundreds of thousands of trained and dedicated volunteers an army of virtue are liberating a nation. Mile by mile, a blood-thirsty dictator's grip on a noble people slips. Town by town, Iraqi families realize what the smiling men in camouflage uniforms have won for them. And day by day, children awaken, for the first morning of their lives, to God's freedom. This is the meaning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Greater love hath no man than this: that he lay down his life for his friends. Yet today in Iraq, liberating armies are risking their own lives in a land and for a people they have never before met. Decades-long Iraqi pleas for freedom and justice will soon be answered.

But, my friends, theirs is not the only voice that cries out in the desert For as we meet tonight, in that same part of the world, violent men plot the deaths of school children. These men view innocent human life as a means to an end and murder as a propaganda technique. These men act outside the boundaries of humanity, let alone the tenets of their faith. And these men support a career-terrorist too long tolerated by the civilized world.

Tonight our thoughts are with the people Israel, and it is on their behalf, the courageous who live every day in the crosshairs of such men, that I accept this award and proudly count myself a Friend of Israel. After Operation Iraqi Freedom is won and it will be international attention, necessarily focused on the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime, will disperse.

There will be the rebuilding of Iraq and its welcome return to the community of nations. There will be a simmering crisis in North Korea. There will be strained relationships with old friends to address and a blossoming alliance with the surging powers of New Europe to solidify. And there will be, as we well know, CALLS ON ISRAEL TO SET ASIDE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE AND ONCE AGAIN TRUST THE WORDS AND PAPERS OF A TERRORIST ENTITY BENT ON HER DESTRUCTION. [more]