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April 07, 2003

Israel urged to take diplomatic offensive in Europe

And while they are at it, perhaps they might convince those European governments to do something about the violent anti-semitism in their countries as a show of good faith
The Foreign Ministry is urging the government to launch a diplomatic offensive in Europe, warning that Israel stands to lose further ground on the continent after the war in Iraq.

According to media reports, the warning is included in a new position paper that foresees European countries cranking up the pressure on Israel after the war to make concessions to the Palestinians.

One of the measures it recommends is making more conciliatory gestures toward the newly chosen Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas. It also urges the government to take the initiative in involving the Europeans in peace efforts so as to avoid steps being taken behind Israel's back.

The reports of the policy paper comes amid increasing concern among members of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's government about a US-backed Mideast peace plan known as the "road map" which calls for achieving Palestinian statehood by 2005.