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April 06, 2003

Israel demands changes to Mid East peace road map

In other news, Israel says it will unilaterally dump the international Roadmap for Middle East Peace if amendments it's demanding are rejected.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Chief of Staff Dov Weissglas made the statement prior to traveling to Washington with a list of 15 amendments demanded by Tel Aviv.

Peter Cave reports from Jerusalem.

Mr Weissglas said Israel would submit what he called remarks on the Roadmap and if a refusal of those remarks jeopardised Israel's security it would reject the Roadmap. He said Israel's concerns were mainly over the dismantling and disarming of terrorist organizations and the creation of new Palestinian security services with no links to terrorism. Israel would make no concessions on these issues and if necessary, would leave the table and come home. US President George Bush has repeatedly delayed the release of the peace plan drawn up with the United Nations, Europe and Russia. But his aides now say it will be released when a Cabinet appointed by the New Palestinian Prime Minister Abu Mazen is in place.