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April 22, 2003

Islamist killers starting to "get it"

This gem from greatestjeneration
The founder of Palestinian militant group Hamas said on Thursday the arrest of a Palestinian guerrilla leader in Iraq suggested U.S. forces were now targeting leaders of a Palestinian uprising against Israel.

"It (arrest of Abu Abbas) indicates that America is sinking its sharp teeth into Iraq and into Palestine," Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said.

"It is a crusader's war against both. But it will be defeated.Our people are stronger than Israel and America," the wheelchair-bound Yassin said as 2,000 Palestinians marched to mark Palestinian Prisoner Day.
The United States hailed Abbas's capture earlier this week as a victory in its declared war on terrorism and proof that Saddam had links to "terrorist" groups.

Some Palestinians now fear his arrest could herald a campaign by the United States, Israel's guardian ally, to round up Palestinian leaders connected with violence as part of the war on terror.

[If you're a terrorist, the USA puts you on the enemy side in our War, that's correct.--Jen]

"Let them arrest the whole Palestinian people. Resistance will never stop. We will continue Jihad (holy struggle) and resistance," Yassin said.

"Whether we go to prison or whether they kill leaders, resistance will never stop before the liberation," he added.

Hamas has spearheaded the uprising and is on a U.S. list of terrorist organizations. Saddam donated more than $25 million to families of dead Hamas suicide bombers and other militants killed fighting Israel.[That's a pretty broad category, isn't it?--J.T.]

President Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority has called on the United States to release Abbas, saying his detention violated terms of U.S.-mediated interim peace deals signed with Israel in 1995.

U.S. officials said Abbas did not have immunity under that accord as he was arrested in a third country. Washington had dropped a warrant for his arrest several years ago.

Hamas stands behind dozens of major suicide bombings inside Israel but has never targeted U.S. interests. It seeks Israel's destruction in contrast with the Palestinian Authority which publicly backs a two-state solution to the conflict.

But, privately, there's not a hair's difference between Hamas and the PA when it comes to preaching jihadi murder, so don't believe the doublespeak of Arafat for a moment.
Hopefully, you never did.
As for old Yassin, I wonder if he has anymore compassion for the defenseless Leon Klinghoffer now that he's in a wheelchair, too.
I wouldn't bet on it.
Yassin's bluster sounds alot like old Baghdad Bob's doesn't it?
But by Jove, I think these Islamofascist murderers are starting the get the picture!
I'm thinking that their reaction to events in Iraq was, yes, shock and awe.
Be afraid, Hamas. Be very afraid.You're next.