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April 24, 2003

Islamic Radicals On Campus

Part two of the Front Page piece is here posted by G. Goldwater. If you missed part one, you can find it at the link above

"If it goes to families of those who have died in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I don't see anything wrong with that," argued Al-Talib publisher Mohammad Mertaban after the foundations had been disbanded. "I don't understand how people can label Palestinians terrorists."

Feel free to provide a punchline to that last comment.

-A recent Al-Talib editorial, "Then They Came For Us," reflected the MSA�fs growing affiliation with the political Left when it lamented,

"First, it was the indigenous Americans. They were forced off their own land in an unimaginable genocide, their way of life altered forever. Then came the turn of the African Americans.
Forced into slavery, they became part of an enduring cycle of social oppression, which continues to this day.
The Japanese became the target of choice during World War II. Their internment was merely another log in the burning fire of racial discrimination practiced by the government.
As thousands of Muslims sit behind bars without due process, we come to the painful realization that now, it�fs the Muslims�f turn�cThe reality of today is that Big Brother, cloaked as Uncle Sam, is watching, whether we like it or not."

-UCLA is by no means the only American campus rife with MSA rabble-rousing. Take UC Berkeley, the Saudi royal family�fs favorite university. As far back as 1995, the UC Berkeley MSA sponsored a rally in support of the terrorist organization Hamas.
During the event, students carried a sign depicting an Israeli flag with a swastika through the middle and pledged to serve as future suicide bombers.
A Jewish observer was subsequently spit on by one of the demonstrators.

-Earlier this April, federal agents raided the homes of some of Arizona State University�fs leading MSA members, including the chapter�fs president and vice-president, under suspicion of the group�fs terrorist links.

Although the agents didn�ft find any weapons, they did confiscate computers and several floppy disks.

The raid included agents from the F.B.I and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well immigration authorities, all acting on solid leads.

But Atlaf Husain, MSA national president, was beside himself, saying the students "were humiliated by being handcuffed outside their apartment for 45 minutes, and then by being questioned separately."

-Ohio State University's MSA produces and distributes MSA-NEWS, which has included news releases from groups such as the Algerian Armed Islamic Group, which is on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations, and the Islamic Salvation Front, an Islamist political party banned in Algeria. According to a December 20, 2001 Associated Press story,

"During last year�fs Ramadan fast, MSA-NEWS urged campus groups to purchase a videotape called "The Martyrs of Bosnia" and show it to Muslim-only gatherings. The video was sold by London-based Azzam Productions, which featured articles on its Web site like
"Taliban: Allah's Blessing on Afghanistan," and solicited funds there for the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan.
The site, and a related German site, were shut down by the British and German governments as part of their Sept. 11 response."

-In the December 6, 2002 issue of the Yale Herald, Saqqib Bhatti, who identifies himself with the Yale MSA, wrote,

"More often than not, the mainstream American media define the Palestinian struggle as inherently terroristic�cThere is an increasing tendency among Zionists to claim that Muslims and Arabs are rarely subject to the kind of discrimination and harassment from which it now believes itself to be suffering�c.Zionism is itself a racist ideology."

-The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor hosted the Second National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement in October, 2002. The MSA was one of the main organizers of this event, which called for divestment from Israel and featured Palestinian Islamic Jihad mastermind Sami Al-Arian, the now-incarcerated ex-University of South Florida professor mentioned earlier in this article, as a speaker.

-The MSA has even managed to find trouble in some of the more serene areas of the Untied States. Last summer, the FBI began investigating charitable donations by the MSA at the University of Idaho and at Washington State University for links to international terrorism. The omni-present Holy Land Foundation was mentioned as part of the investigation.

Created and funded by the Saudis but bred in the vast expanse of North America, the MSA has engaged in every form of anti-Western behavior imaginable.

Whether marching side-by-side with communists in protest of the U.S. government, supporting convicted murderers, preaching "Death to Israel", funding terrorist activities or worshiping at the feet of Osama bin Laden, the MSA National and its many campus chapters pose an imminent threat not only to the schools they inhabit, but the United States in general.

With the war on terrorism escalating at home and abroad, one can only hope that this volatile organization is exposed for what it truly is?the sworn enemy of the United States, conducting a jihad right here in our own backyard.