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April 10, 2003

Is Syria Next ?

Hat tip to Rantburg for this piece
"Now that Saddam Hussein's regime has collapsed, it's time for a change in Syria, too," said IDF Gen. Amos Gilad today. He's not alone.

The U.S. warned Syria, Iran and North Korea last night that "they had better come to the right conclusions from [what happened in] Iraq." John R. Boloton, Undersecretary of State for Weapons Supervision and National Security, told reporters in Rome that he hopes that these countries will realize that their attempts to acquire weapons of mass destruction "will not further their national interests." He was asked about polls showing that 50% of Americans support an American action against Iran if it continues to develop nuclear weapons, and 42% support a similar action against Syria if it supports Iran.

Speaking at an Israeli Management Center forum in Tel Aviv, Gen. Gilad said that all the important international terror organizations in the world have command centers in Damascus. "The collapse of the Iraqi regime removes Syria's strategic base, and causes Syria to be isolated - especially with the U.S. discovering, to its astonishment, the tight cooperation between Saddam Hussein and [Syrian dictator] Bashar Assad," according to Ittim News Agency's summation of Gilad's words.