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April 10, 2003

Iraqis vs. Palestinians?

America's Arab and Muslim mau-mauers are raising a stink because, as the Associated Press reports, "the retired Army general who will oversee the rebuilding of Iraq signed a statement that accused Palestinians of filling their children with hate and that praised Israel." In other words, they're upset that he told the truth:

Arab and Muslim leaders say retired Lt. Gen. Jay Garner's involvement with the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs--including the document he signed and a trip he took to Israel--raises questions about whether he is the right person to oversee Iraq's reconstruction.

"I honestly think when Iraqis find out (about the statement) they are going to be genuinely appalled," said Hussein Ibish, a spokesman for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. . . .

"There have been well over 2,000 Palestinians killed in the past 2 1/2 years and the Iraqis know who killed them," said University of Chicago Professor Rashid Khalidi, who specializes in Middle Eastern history.

The Jerusalem Post reports that "there are almost daily demonstrations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip protesting the war in Iraq." The paper quotes Saed Atef, head of the Palestinian journalists association: "Our message to the United States and Britain is that we don't believe your claim that you are coming to Iraq to liberate it and bring democracy."

Given the Palestinians' open sympathy for the Iraqis' oppressor, we'd be surprised if the Iraqis have any sympathy at all for the Palestinians.