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April 10, 2003

Iraqi UN ambassador leaves for France

So long, it's been good to know you...home is where the heart is: France And this is what Ribbityfrog has to say about it:
Muhammed Ad-Douri, Iraqi ambassador to the UN, declared yesterday "The game is over" and packed his bags to leave. "I hope the peace will prevail. I hope the Iraqi people will have a happy life", he reportedly said, before heading off to catch is plane to France. The radio reports this morning suggested that Ad-Douri had asked Kofi Annan to help him find a suitable escape route, and of course Annan obliged.

So far, only Donald Rumsfeld seems to have responded in a manner befitting normal human behaviour.. "It isn't a game" he is quoted as saying. Even this was a little too soft, coming from the head of the world's policeforce. I would have expected him to a slap a heavy hand on the ambassador's shoulder, and say, in true film noir form, "not so fast, Mr. Ad-Douri".