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April 18, 2003

Iraq: the aftermath

Analyses of the rapid, total defeat of Iraq and the impact of the defeat upon the Arab world, abound. As so frequently happpens in the social sciences, many hypotheses are presented to explain the defeat and its impact, but most explanations can never be verified or refuted. One analysis that at least has its roots in common sense and verifiable data is given by Hal Lindsey (WorldNetDaily, April 17, 2003), in an article entitled, “Impact of Iraqi defeat on Islam”. Don’t expect anything like Bernard Lewis' articles, but you can expect a good dose of plausible statements and a coherent conclusion. The last paragraphs of the article read:

In the hundreds of interviews of Muslims throughout the Islamic world, one thing came across loud and clear. It was much more important to them that the Iraqis defeat the U.S.-UK infidel invaders than it was for a ruthless tyrant to be removed and the horribly oppressed Muslim brothers of Iraq liberated.

To me, there is something very sick about a religion that produces such an attitude. Their "macho"-type pride and their hatred of Israel and the West seems to overrule even common wisdom that would be in their own best interest.

It is worth noting that Israel sat out both Persian Gulf War I and II. But the Arab world can overlook all that and somehow see Israel's hand in their humiliation. In an article entitled, "I Am An Arab" in Dar al Hayat this week, author Jihad al Khazen writes, "Iraq is now ruled by the representative of the Jewish Institute For National Security Affairs."

And the Muslim escape from reason plunges onward, in spite of the facts to the contrary.