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April 25, 2003

Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit

Zogby has the whole story.

The purpose of the conference is
*To oppose rewarding murderous Palestinian terrorism with statehood--mocking our own war on terror and ultimately encouraging renewed Arab aggression against an Israel made invitingly vulnerable.

*To expose how President Bush's stated policy of June 24, 2002 specifying essential pre-conditions for support of Palestinian statehood has been seriously undermined, eroding America's credibility and debasing our enduring national interest.

*To lay bare the inherent absurdity of our State Department promoting a Road Map to Arab-Israeli "Peace" from a Quartet whose other three members--Russia, the E.U. (France and Germany) and the U.N.--repeatedly disparage U.S. interests and are demonstrably hostile to Israel.

*To document the responsibility of Iran, Syria, Libya and Saudi Arabia for supporting Islamic terrorism.

*To combat media ignorance and bias in Middle East coverage and virulent Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic agitation on campus....

*To solidify and chart future strategy for the emerging alliance of Jewish and Christian Zionists.

Sponsored by Zionist House, Boston, with the National Unity Coalition for Israel
Who could argue with that. Sounds like a great idea. Check out all the organizations that are participating.