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April 14, 2003

I'm a Malaysian

Nice to get letters like this. Go visit his site..
I'm a Malaysian, and I run a blog. My previous blog. It is a new blog, and while I have little time, I try to add in as much things as I can.

The reason why I started this blog is because of the big lie the press, especially Malaysian, have been playing about Israel. I started investigating the issue myself, at that time I was mainly pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel (I wasn't however anti-Semitic, at that time, I believe that the aliyah was illegitimate). I was confident that I could find everything I could to delegitimize the very existance of Israel - I failed. Now, I'm pro-Israel. And mind you, I didn't know/ didn't bother/ didn't want to go to pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish - I went straight to the sources.

I may be a rare case - and I am. While I meet so many pro-Israel Malaysians, all of which Christian fundamentalists, little knew how we all being fooled by the elaborate Palestinian and Arabic PR.