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April 07, 2003

Human shields confront IDF in Gaza

If there is an emerging pattern, this piece in The Jereusalem Post seems to indicate that offerings at Evergreen College are indeed a bit odd, provoking its students to intefere in a hazardous area and to support the attempt by Israelis to provide security and a decenty life for its citizens
[...]"It is scary, but we know the more effective we are the more hostile they will be. Now is the most important time to stand our ground," said Joe Smith, 21, also of Evergreen College, where Corrie had also been a student.

The IDF said its bulldozers were in Rafah Sunday destroying abandoned buildings, to block a tunnel underneath used by Palestinian terrorists to smuggle weapons and explosives from Egypt to the camp, which sits on the border.

But ISM members said they believe the IDF had needlessly targeted the homes of innocent Rafah residents.
ISM spokesman Michael Shaik said that Avery was conscious and that his brain appears to be functioning normally, but that his face is heavily bandaged and he still can't speak. He has undergone one operation and is likely to have another one on Tuesday. "He can write and communicate with his hands and seems to even have a sense of humor," said Shaik.

The IDF said Avery was hit in an exchange of fire between the IDF and Palestinians. [more]