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April 05, 2003

"Human Rights Violations"

That is my mock title to this article from The Gulf News, an Arab paper, and so of course the focus is upon "human rights" and "violations" etc. But note that a top "militant"--read: terrorist--was arrested in the incursion.
Israeli forces captured a top militant yesterday after emptying a West Bank refugee camp of its menfolk and searching house-to-house, a sweep attacked by Palestinian officials and human rights groups.

Anwar Aliyan, 27, the head of Islamic Jihad's military wing in Tulkarm town, surrendered at his hideout in the local refugee camp, witnesses said. Israeli military sources said he and four others who were also captured were planning a car-bomb attack.

Sworn to Israel's destruction, Islamic Jihad and Hamas have led attacks during a 30-month-old Palestinian uprising for independence. An Islamic Jihad suicide bomber wounded 30 people in the Israeli city of Netanya on Sunday.

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces hunting a Hamas militant wounded seven refugee camp residents yesterday, witnesses said.

The Tulkarm camp sweep began on Wednesday when Israeli troops rounded up hundreds of male residents aged 14 to 40 and held them for questioning. "Aliyan's capture was the reason for this operation," an Israeli military source said.

Twenty of the detained Palestinians were found to be on Israel's wanted list and were arrested, the army said. The remainder were released but barred from re-entering the camp. They filtered back in after Israeli forces left yesterday. The remainder of the article cites the various groups denouncing the Israeli action, as though Israel had not the right to go after those who kill Israelis. [more]