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April 30, 2003

How did we get to the ""Road Map" in the first place?

(The following is a letter to the Editior of the Jerusalem post which is well worth reading. I post it in full since it reached me through a mailing ommiting the link to the original. The letter is covering the very terrain which the roadmap erronously presumes to represent).

I am appalled at what appears as the blundering of Israeli governments that has fatally affected the survival of the State of Israel.These Israeli governments have signed on to the falsehood of the existence of "Palestinian people" that has claims on the lands of the Mandate of Palestine -- a perpetual millstone on Israel that will pull her down to destruction.

As you know, that Mandate of Palestine was established by the League of Nations for the express purpose of realizing a "Jewish Homeland" in recognition of the historic national claims of the Jewish people to its lands, including Jerusalem. While Arab residents of the area under the Mandate were to be given civilrights, national rights were excluded. While some of the Arab residents of the Mandate lived in the region for centuries, so did some Jews. The vast part of the increase of the population of Arab residents in the region came from outside Arab immigration
Thus, the Arabs of the Mandate, drawn from many nationalities, were hardly a people and before 1948, the birth of the State of Israel, they called themselves merely "Arabs" and were a disparate group. In fact, before 1948, it was the Jewish residents of the Mandate that were called "Palestinians." Even as late as 1967, UN Resolution 242 referred to "refugees" of the 1967 war and no to "Palestinians" but would surely have done so if that were the fact.

What has happened since is that Israeli governments, sworn to falsehood, have accepted Arab propaganda about a historic "Palestinian people" and a "Palestinian state" as a basis for peace negotiations between Jews and Arabs. This was a major Arab propaganda coup, making the Arab battle to overthrow Israel and to restore a never-was "Palestinian" state a fight for national liberation and made "freedom fighters" out of Arab terrorists. (emphasis added).This was of course a boon to anti-Semites, include the Jewish liberal ones, since now they could hide their vicious hatred of Jews and could hate and oppose Israel or "nationalistic" reasons, as now for example the whole of Europe does.

Moreover, the national claim of the Arab residents also gives the Arabs a reason to claim and take over Jewish historic sites,including Jerusalem, as part of a fictitious Palestinian patrimony. It also enables the Arab enemy to create by fiat millions of "Palestinian" refugees with "a right to return" and inundate the Jewish state and overuse the limited water and land resources of the area, needed by the State of Israel to survive.

These alleged "Palestinian" refugees were supported by the US and European nations and were kept isolated by Arab nations for the express purpose of deligitimating and overrunning Israel. Instead of Israel arguing that the Arab and Western nations that created this battering ram against Israel become responsible for dissipating such a dangerous population, Israel is called on to somehow resolve the issue with its own resources, called on to support with its own treasure the very population wrought by the enemy to destroy Israel.

What remains dreadful is that Israel underwrites this demoralizing Arab propaganda (emphasis added) even among its own citizens and positively encourages the sick-minded, liberal universalists among the Jews to prove what they think of as their own "moral virtue" by championing a half-baked universalist cause against their own people.

I don't know how Israel can survive if its governments insist on deligitimating the Jewish state by accepting as valid the very slanders and falsehoods the enemy adopted for the purpose of destroying Israel.(emphasis added). A new diplomatic position is needed at once by Israel that exposes the Arab lies and their plan to destroy Israel -- a vital, indispensible armament in defending the future of the Jewish State.

The Jerusalem Post can begin to help against this Arab propaganda by exposing its lies and by not referring to Israel's enemies as "Palestinians." The least on this is to refer to such as "Palestinian Arabs" to make evident that there are "Palestinian Jews" and that the name "Palestine" refers to the region defined by the Mandate of Palestine, not to an historic state peopled by never-existing historic "Palestinians."

This clarity would alter the type of settlement to the conflict that is regarded as just and enable Israel to strive for one that safeguards its future through secure, defensible boundaries and not through paper agreements with hostile neighbors that will be abrogated the moment that these are signed.

Note that, once, over one hundred years, Morocco was fully made over into a culturally French province, but that within a few short decades all this was subsequently reversed back to its Arabic condition. That kind of reversion will always be the danger for Israel in dealing with its Arab population that, for the moment, may seem to have modernized. Therefore, for its own survival, Israel must secure conditions that will make most difficult such a reversion to affect any agreement signed on to.

The current hostile intent of the Arabs against Israel must be considered permanent for the foreseeable future and arrangements made by Israel, either negotiated or created militarily, must recognize and deal with these realities. It may well mean that the current Israeli government, like past Israeli governments, obsessed with universalist drivel, masquerading as enlightened moral values, is incapable of achieving such conditions for the State of Israel and that securing such a victory requires at last a pro-Israel government, hardly seen in Israel's history.

Yours sincerely,
David Basch
West Hartford, CT